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In a park.

I was left alone in a park.

Flavius had left me. For good. I knew it when I saw him leaving, without even turning away. I had wanted to run after him but it was useless..

I felt the anger inside me. An anger that I used to know. An anger so strong, so pure.. Old Santino was back. Old Santino, mysterious, mean, evil. The son of the Devil himself... I thought to myself. No tears running on my cheeks. Only a pure pain. And one promise. I won't ever, ever love again.

I turned around and went to sit down on a bench. Staring at the sky, at the trees around me.

Only an idea in my mind. Blood. As innocent as it could be. I wanted to feed.

Calling silently for it, a young woman came in my arms, and I sank my fangs in her neck, drinking slowly. Not even hidding from the mortals, who were thinking i was only kissing it anyway. I quickly took the sky with her, went to the ocean, dump her in, and came back in the park.

I was dead. Inside, and outside.
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