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Eternal Damnation I thought to myself. We had been in at this compound for years now. I was hardly into the family history as my sister had been, she had dedicated her entire life to the finding adn the tracking of these mortals and now Jessie. What a waste this was to me.

The great family. I scoffed at the thought of it. For a while, and I mean a a while in the mortal sence of the word. I tried to be a part of the great family and the record keeping along side of the sister I had been away from for so long. But it began to age on me. I wanted to do more like I had when I was away from her. I looked out my windows and saw the beautiful Californian landscape and the lovely night sky, more maginificant than the day to me. You could see forever in the night sky.

I pushed my long red hair over my shoulders and tied it back with a piece of silk. It was time for me to go on my own again for a short while. I would get to enjoy this break from the monotany.

Maybe to New Orleans I thought out loud I should tell my sister I am leaving before I do...
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