devilyouknow23 (devilyouknow23) wrote in nobynight,

The keychain lay upon my desk where I'd tossed them the night before. I was refreshed and feeling restless. What better way to spend my waking hours than prowling the streets of New Orleans in my brand new Lexus?

My back was to the window but it seemed that with the breeze, in flowed the thoughts of others. So many gathered here in New Orleans that previously had been scattered like so many ashes. Puzzling that they should be here now.

Were they seeking refuge from the Talamasca? I had warned them well away from my city so surely it could be now considered a safe haven from their meddling ways. After all was said and done, they were my family whether I liked them or not and I was as much a patriarchal figure as anyone. Scary thought. I could barely contain myself, let alone control others. I let others live life as I've lived mine, free thought, free will. I tried the iron fist once and look where it got me; tossed into a swamp and left to die.

Now that the books were done and over with, I felt like my retirement was beginning. Instead of searching for the nearest night golfing course, I felt adventurous. I wanted to stalk the night but without all the chaos of before. I was going to enjoy a bit of peace for once regardless of anyone else.

I closed my mind like the shutting of a door. I was going out incognito and I didn't need any distractions. Firstly however, I needed Mojo.

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