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Confrontations of the Lovers

Continued from here:

I looked at Nicki and said, "It was because I wanted him, but then I didn't. He broke my heart when he told me he loved Daniel more than me. It was then that I realized I loved you. I do love you. I promise you that."

I walked over to him and wiped that tear and said, "Can you forgive me. It's over between me and Armand. He's nothing to me because I am nothing to him."

I wanted to disappear. To take all that was mine and leave. I didn't want to live in America but I had the theatre to work with now. I couldn't leave it all behind. I couldn't take Nicki from this new dream of ours.

I felt his pain. It was killing me within. I wanted to just go back in time and erase all that had happened. I felt horrible that I had hurt him. Could I ever be happy again? It was impossible to know.
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