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Calling Laurent and saying goodbye to New Orleans

I stood outside, filling my lungs with the air before taking one last look at the place. New Orleans, home for so long...To say goodbye was heart wrenching, but I had to. It was Lestat`s territory, not my own. Dearest friend could he ever forgive me. I slowly took up to the sky and got away from the city. I sent out my mental call, hoping he would hear. "Laurent, I am off to Memphis, Tennessee. If you want, meet me there, if not, then I guess time has seperated us. I love you." Whether he recieved it or not, I do not know. I looked below me and saw the light of Memphis below me. Beale street, the Pyramid....I guess I could live here. Then I sent call to Lestat,"I will miss you my friend." I landed unseen among the people on Beale Street. A few staggered out of bars, and a couple was laughing."I miss you terribly Laurent,"I thought. slowly began to walk down the street and take in the sights,hoping he would come. The night would go on.
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