Dr. Rowan Mayfair (rowan_mayfair_) wrote in nobynight,
Dr. Rowan Mayfair

Coming Home From Trip

As I walked home that starry night the limo driver asked do I want to drive home from the airport but I decided to walk since I live so close.

I walked down the streets of my home town watching the usual people walk by some I knew some I just seen alot. Most were patiants at the Hosiptal. But something came over me as I felt someone was watching me. Someone I have not seen in years, Someone I believe to be dead.
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I stood here, staring outside. "M-Mother?" I whispered. "Neil.. NEIL!" I quickly ran up to Neil and suddently jumped in his arms, shaking like never. "She's here. She's here! How will she react when she will see me? Oh, please please help me!" I started crying in his arms.
I blinked, stunned, and then rubbed her back, shaking my head while peering outside, "I-I'm not sure," I admitted, "but I'll be here with you through the whole thing. Don't cry, dear."
"I-I'm scared!" I said, my voice shaking. "She killed me, remember? What if she tries again? Oh god." I tried to calm down the tears but I was unable to. "Neil. I .. I ... I love you." I said suddently. "I know you can't love me back. I just had to say it in case something happen." I put my face in his neck, closing my eyes.
Rowan turned to hear two voices. One she had not heard in a long time and one she did not know. "Emaleth...." She said in a soft tone. She walked closer to them not saying anything. Tears rolled down her face. She did not know why she killed someone so beauitful as her own daughter.
I stared at her, shaking even more. "Don't come closer.." I whispered in a broken voice. "If you wish I will leave your life and never come back. Don't some closer. You already killed me once. Don't do it again!" tears running on my cheeks. My hand searched for Neil's hand, and i took it in mine, squeezing it. Neil, protect me..
"I understand how you feel. I don't want to hurt you. I know I tried to kill you. And I was wrong. But I was scared too." She said. She stood there looking at her realizing how horriable she feels for her own lovely daughter hates her. But still understands how she feels.
"You didn't tried. You did it, mother. You did killed me. I have no idea why or how I am back, but you did." I backed off slowly. Staring at her.
"I wish I never did it. I still love you. Or more like I love you now. I'll never have anymore children and your the only one I got alive now." She said. "I understand if you hate me." She said tears rolling down her face.
"You'll.. never have anymore children?" I whispered. "I.. and it's my fault. Isn't it? I killed your inside."

I knew that wasn't the right choice of words.. but that wasn't mattering to me.

I tried to calm down a little. "M-mother.." I whispered. "I'm sorry. I .. don't hate you. I just keep having that image in which you shoot me and them bury me. And.. Why did I came back?" I felt tears on my cheeks. "Mother, I don't understand, and I am scared.."
Rowan looked at her tears still flowing from her face. "I don't want to scare you no more. If you wish me to leave I will. I only was walking home and I heard you and...I had to see if it was true. I'm so happy your alive." She said.